Coming in November: The Arts & Crafts Shows Books in Paperback

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Two of my most popular books have been on the subject of Arts & Crafts Shows.  The first one is entitled: ‘Arts & Crafts Shows: The Top 10 Mistakes Artist Vendors Make… And How to Avoid Them!’ I am expecting to have this one available for sale in print within the coming week.  The second book entitled ‘Arts & Crafts Shows: 12 Secrets Every Artist Vendor Should Know should be ready sometime in the second week of November.

These two books draws from my years of experience as an Arts & Crafts show vendor, having been both on the planning side of shows as well as having been a vendor.  Both of these books were released as eBook editions earlier this year, and were well received.  I expect that the print copies will be in even greater demand once they are made available.

If you would like to order these books as eBooks, click on the links on the book titles above.  I have plans for at least three more books on this subject in the future.  One is in development right now, and I hope to have all three available for release before Spring 2014.

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