Going Home… Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps now in Paperback

Going Home... Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy StepsThe book I released in 2013 to help people by their first home entitled ‘Going Home… Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps’ is finally available in paperback.  The book not only covers the steps one needs to make to become a homeowner and stop renting, but it also addresses the overcoming of obstacles one can encounter along the way.  If one has never looked at buying  home due to a rocky credit history for example, then there are exact steps one can take to improve this situation given in the book.

Going Home… Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps’ is a book about making it simple to become a home owner. Certainly, there are challenges today in the economy. Damaged or rocky credit can make it seem all but impossible to become a home owner, and stop renting. Where does one start to unravel a messy financial situation? This book breaks down the process into 10 separate parts, and covers a lot of ground. It not only addresses how to understand your credit situation, and how a bank or lender looks at your history, but how to improve and repair it too. It also addresses the problem of having a ‘zero’ credit score, and what are the right steps you can take to improve even that situation.

It makes it easy to understand the entire home buying process from finding a Realtor to choosing a lender, and al300_2A0007lowresl the other professionals you will use along the way to make your purchase of a home the right choice for you. The book explains how to narrow down a home that meets your needs, and know when you have found it. It discusses how offers are made, negotiated and how to choose an experienced Realtor that can help you through the process. It also covers basics on what commitments you will need to meet along the way, as well as gives you as a home buyer an understanding of what to expect at closing and after.

The book takes the mystery out of buying a home, and gives one a clear route to becoming a home owner even if starting out on the quest with a rocky start. ‘Going Home… Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps’ will guide you and help you navigate through all the barriers that you may think are in your way. If you have ever wanted to stop renting and own your own home, then this is where you should start.

The book is now available in paperback at all major online booksellers.  If you would like to order your copy, click here to place your order and use the discount code: DNJ8NVYN to receive 20% off your purchase.

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