Laugh Out Loud: Enrichment of the Soul

Laugh Out Loud New FinalI released a new book in September based on a collection of essays I had written over the past few years which is entitled: Laugh Out Loud: Enrichment of the Soul.

This book is about laughter, the universal medicine in life. It unburdens the weary soul, lightens the heavy heart and reduces the size of problems immensely. Laughter has a way of smoothing out relations with people, and endearing them to each other. The only trouble with laughter is that too few people remember how to do it at times. It is really not the fault of laughter, as it is always there lying in wait underneath the surface. It sits in waiting like a volcano anticipating a future eruption.

However, laughter requires, to a degree, a willingness of the individual to not be serious. To cast seriousness aside, and give way to a good hearty laugh can seem difficult or impossible in some circumstances, but in truth it is always possible. There is always a lighter side waiting to lift the spirits. Laughter is the gateway to that lighter side of life.

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